The 1vs1 BZFlag League is one of the oldest BZFlag leagues. In difference to all the other team-based leagues (Links) it aims to be a simple one where you can easily jump in for a match (or more) on one of the three available maps (classic, fancy, hix). These matches can either be just for fun or official (Info & Rules).

You're welcome to give it a try! :o)

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Almost Fresh News!

  • 2018-01-01 - A big "Thank You" to all 1vs1 League players for keeping the league somewhat "alive".

    2017 in facts & numbers:
    • the new match style dupi (Ducati/Pillbox) had been implemented,
    • 83 official matches were fought out by 37 players with an accumulated duration of 10h 58min 03sec,
    • 6 new players joined the league and 2 tried but didn't confirm their request,
    • 63% was the attraction level of the hix style (classic 26%, fancy 5%, dupi 1%),
    • every 4th day an official match was played.

    Have fun and happy tanking in 2018! :o)

How can I join in? Where can I play?

The BZBB sub forum "1vs1 League Discussion" is our place for any kind of league related communication.

Use strayer's BZstats page to find registered 1vs1 players!